Navigating Rough Waters: Poverty Simulation

The poverty simulation…what a powerful experience! I cannot say enough about how thankful I am to the United Way. For one hour, I was able to see the world through my clients’ ‘lens’. I have seen changes in my practice, my approach, and my overall understanding of day to day struggles my girls go through. I never felt guilty for being upset or not understanding why a client couldn’t get to her doctor’s appointment, start her birth control, get her child vaccinated, pursue insurance, etc., but I do now. I learned the importance of value systems and the respect that I must always have for someone whose system differs from mine. Sometimes excuses aren’t excuses.

-Chester County Health Department Visiting Nurse
2014 Poverty Simulation Participant

The poverty simulation is an important interactive learning experience in Leadership Chester County’s curriculum. The simulation has afforded the opportunity to include not only LCC students and alumni, but United Way of Chester County volunteers and community partners.

In this interactive session, the LCC class and their guests experience first-hand many of the challenges facing low-income individuals as they struggle for financial stability using the systems designed to alleviate hardships.

Participants develop an understanding of the realities of living in poverty, how generational and individual cycles develop and the challenges faced to break out toward self-sufficiency.