Leadership Chester County nurtured my interest in community service and advocacy by providing a fundamental knowledge base, skill set, and personal network essential for nonprofit board service. I am more confident in my ability to make an immediate and meaningful contribution.

-Gina Mazzulla, Bentley Systems, Inc  |  Class of 2016


Expert-led sessions in nonprofit board governance, local social conditions and services, and leadership development provide comprehensive preparation for citizen leadership. Diverse participants make for a dynamic learning experience, especially through the interactive project, where as a team the class applies their new knowledge to a challenge in the local nonprofit sector.


Nonprofit Governance

Board Governance: nonprofit board roles, responsibilities and best practices

Board Fiduciary Responsibility: legal considerations for nonprofit boards

Strategic Planning: steps, tools and techniques for boards to plan effectively

Nonprofit Fiscal Management: financial policy development and oversight for sustainable nonprofits

Fundraising/Philanthropy: nonprofit board leadership roles in resource development

Board Development: board assessments, education and recruitment for strong governing teams

Intentional Communications: marketing and public relations to articulate a nonprofit’s value


Chester County Issues

Chester County 101 Tour: visit local nonprofits to learn about their operations

Nonprofit Challenge: team work to suggest solutions to real nonprofit problems

Poverty Simulation: role play to experience challenges facing low-income individuals

Nonprofit Perspectives: board and staff leaders present about their organizations and discuss current issues


Leadership Development

Strategic Discussions, Informed Decisions: discover diverse communications styles

Social Entrepreneurship: innovative solutions to achieving missions

Dialogues on Diversity & Inclusion: how to recognize and avoid biases

Collaborating for Greater Impact: consider joining forces to improve social conditions

Advocacy: role of nonprofit board leaders in influencing public policy

Ethics in Nonprofit Leadership: counteracting forces that cloud or conflict judgement

Leadership for Sustainability: scenario planning for resiliency in uncertain futures