Thank you for your interest in applying to Leadership Chester County! We are now conducting the 2018-2019 course, so applications received now will be for the next program year, which begins in the fall of 2019.

Program Requirements

The course meets approximately monthly in full weekday sessions, usually October through May, with an evening graduation in Spring.

Participant Requirements

  • Regular (75%) or better and attentive presence at sessions
  • Demonstration of 75% proficiency in course learning objectives
  • Active engagement in group project work
  • Tuition of $2,000 is due upon acceptance. All participants must pay or be sponsored for the tuition fee. Limited partial scholarship funds are competitively available.

Application Guidelines

  • There is no application fee. Complete submissions for enrollment should be received by September.
  • You can submit your application in these convenient ways:
  • Acceptance letters and invoices will be sent out following the application review process.
  • Tuition is non-refundable.

Selection Criteria

  • Selection is based upon information in the application and supplemental documents. Interviews may be requested.
  • Professional references should be included if not sponsored.
  • The following will be evaluated in selecting participants
    • Resourcefulness and innovation
    • Inclusive attitude
    • Demonstrated commitment to life-long learning and community involvement
    • Evidence of effective interpersonal skills
    • Good citizenship
    • Recognition of the value of service leadership

Individualized Board Matching Service is provided to LCC graduates for placement on a nonprofit Board of Directors.